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It is well documented, that as trivial as it may seem, that writing things down has a number of significant and scientifically-proven benefits that can turn chaos into order in the most basic sense. Writing things down…
  • Record: helps you record everything that has your attention, the human mind is not infallible and this will help you recall those important things later
  • Clear: helps clear your mind, providing a sense of relief and helps in reducing stress and overwhelm
  • Goals: helps clarify your goals, priorities, and intentions. Not only helps you clarify them, it also helps you commit to and achieve them as your mind starts work straight away
  • Motivation: helps keep you motivated allowing you to resolve and remind yourself of your purpose on a regular basis
  • Emotions: helps you recognize and process your emotions and thoughts, positive and negative
  • Progress: encourages daily progress and provides a record of what you’ve achieved so you don’t forget how far you have come
  • Focus: enables a higher level of thinking, and therefore, more focused action can be applied
  • Gratitude: develops your sense of gratitude by noting the things you are grateful for large or small.
Answer the questions posed in the book on your very own copy of the Beat The Statistics Workbook. This includes further coaching by taking you through an additional overview of your business. What clarity will it bring to you?
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